Chef Brian Kooper

Brian Kooper


When Brian was 10, he was already passionate about cooking - he often created delicious dinners for his family. In 1987, this passion took him to Santa Barbara's City College's hotel and restaurant management program. Though he started as a dishwasher, he got a lucky break when the sauté cook called in sick, and he was trained to fill in. He was a natural, and continued his talents from there.

Eventually, Brian moved to San Francisco and began his culinary journey. He worked for a variety of restaurants in not only San Fran, but also in Napa Valley, Sausalito, and Berkeley. This led to him becoming chef for the famous Plumpjack Balboa Cafe, then catering with Paula LeDuc Fine Catering.

Brian has executed many high profile movie premieres and thousands of events with 10 to 10,000 people. He's successfully executed events for The Clintons, Al Gore, Prince Philip, and Fortune 500 CEOs.

After working for Universal Studios for the last 15 years, he wanted to get back to his creative roots and build a new chapter in the restaurant industry. He is excited to be back in a restaurant kitchen where it all began - this space lets him create clean California cuisine with some classics mixed in - and food that won't make people want to take a nap after lunch.

Brian enjoys traveling all over LA looking for new and exciting places to eat and get ideas. Brian lives in the South Bay with his beautiful wife of 20 years and two children.
General Manager - Ben Juergens

Benjamin Juergens

General Manager

Born and raised in Florida, Benjamin started his career in the food industry as a Barista. He quickly grew to appreciate the finer qualities of service throughout his various endeavors during his years at University of Florida. His first management position came during the end of his collegiate studies at a small bistro in Gainesville. At age 25, Benjamin moved across country to west Los Angeles where he became a manager at Tiato café. He also became an experienced caterer with An Catering. Benjamin brings his 12 years of experience to The Corner, where he hopes to instill his appreciation for quality service to his staff and spread his smile to every guest that comes through the door.